Craftsman and Mission Style Hardware For the Home

The craftsman style of architecture in the United States was a trend that epitomized simplicity design and a rebellion against the “mass produced” architecture of the Victorian era. This style gained in popularity significantly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Although its roots are British and high cost of materials and production made this style mostly accessible to upper class homes, this style came to America right at the close of the Victorian era and was embraced by the growing middle class.

Craftsman style hardware has some very trademark elements of design that set it apart from most other architectural styles. The focus of the actual “hand made” qualities emphasized the imperfections of these pieces. While earlier Victorian hardware was prized for its perfect and ornate qualities (achieved through advancements in technology), this style featured rough finishes, textured patterns and materials such as hand crafted metal and wood work.

Craftsman style homes can still be seen around the United States today. These homes focused on a more efficient design because a middle class family would have limited to no servants. The kitchen was now incorporated more fully into the home layout and connected to common areas such as the dining and living room. The kitchen became not only a work room but also an area that could be dined in (the creation of a breakfast nook came during this time period).

Most of the homes built during this period have been classified as “bungalows” and the exteriors have several key features including: deep overhanging eaves, front porch under a roof extension, tapered or square columns providing roof support, mixed construction materials and low pitched roof lines. Many famous architects (including Frank Lloyd Wright) were famous for their designs during this era.

Craftsman style home hardware can be used in a variety of areas including door knob sets, electrical wall plates, mail slots and cabinet knobs and pulls. Note: This style is often referred to as a “mission” style as they share very similar features. This hardware will be functional in design and lack unnecessary ornate details however it can still be an elegant and beautiful addition to any home. These patterns will show beautiful textures that are not available on most other styles (the “hammered” arts and crafts style is a good example of this) and will provide the additional detail most homeowners seek in their home hardware.

Craftsmen style hardware is available online and in most home hardware stores. Search for solid construction (such as brass, iron, other metals) to ensure strength and durability against standard wear and tear. Remember that replacing the original hardware is a wonderful way to increase the value and beauty of any home.


Minimalist Houses and Gardens

Since a few years ago and minimalist house minimalist garden into the housing trend that became the favorite choice of consumers who became a symbol of a new house lives a cosmopolitan society, which is a reflection of the way of life – think – and the urban working very practical, lightweight, efficient, and management simplicity .

home and garden is a social and cultural values of nature and place of residence life. Where the house is a dwelling place – rest – socializing, family – and worship. While the park is a reflection of natural energy, and the source of life. When home and garden is designed as a harmonious whole life will provide energy to the occupants.

The concept of a minimalist home and garden aims to increase the value of an entire room to the exterior and interior to reduce the excess of everything in the room. The concept of lifestyle minimalism suggests a practical, dynamic, quick, effective, and efficient, which is applied in all aspects of life including house building architecture, interior space and exterior gardens.


Beautiful Makeup for the Round Face

Appear beautiful is definitely a woman’s needs. Therefore, with the right makeup, of course, a pretty face can you get.
However, what if your face including specials like chubby or round. Yes, it is not easy for all types of facial makeup. But if you know the tricks, has a chubby face is not a reason not to look pretty. These interesting guide told Boldsky.

Giving highlights on the face can certainly disguise deficiencies. You can use the powder and bronzer on the jaw, nose, or cheeks. That way, your face will look gaunt.


Make the eyes more alive. When applying eyeshadow, choose one color over your skin. Also make sure the eyes look bigger by adding eyeliner at the corners of her eyes. Do not forget to give mascara so lashes look longer and slender.


Use the nude color that makes lips look more natural and sexy. Instead, avoid bright colors like red. Therefore, it can actually make the impression that you’re just a bee sting. The most important thing to remember is you do not have lips as bright as the eyes. Therefore, the best way to use natural colors with pink or beige.


One of the most important factors for a round face dress is the right hairstyle. Choose the right pieces, such as the order straight to the layer.


Cabinet Hardware Comes Front and Center

It wasn’t so long ago that cabinet hardware appeared to be a relic of the past. New Euro cabinet designs not only did away with the hinges, but the pulls and knobs as well. While this created a cleaner, more sophisticated look in the kitchen, it also robbed the home of a bit of its soul, as personality became secondary to clean lines and hidden features.

Thankfully, designers and builders have taken a second look at cabinetry, returning to the days when cabinet hardware wasn’t only visible, but used as a design element as well. This partially explains the huge selection of pulls, knobs, back plates, drawer glides and hinges on the market these days. There are literally tens of thousands of choices, which can be a bit bewildering to a homeowner contemplating an easy facelift in the kitchen or even bathroom.

Replacing cabinet hardware is one of the easiest things anyone can do to give their home an entirely new look. Depending on the type of hardware you choose, it can also be one of the least expensive remodels you can do and can be completed over a weekend.

When looking at new cabinet hardware, you want to start by looking at the cabinets you have now or the ones you are about to purchase. Cabinets all use different styles of hardware. For example, if your current cabinets have hidden hinges you may not be able to retrofit them with hinges that are visible, as the cabinets themselves aren’t set far enough apart to accommodate them.

So start by looking at the cabinets you have now and see how they can be refitted without having to do a lot of retrofitting. One of the easiest things to do is to change out the pulls with new pulls or knobs with new knobs. When working with pulls, you do need to be aware that not all pulls are the same width so you may not be able to match the bolt holes exactly. Knobs are the easiest to replace because you’re only matching one existing hole, not two as with pulls.

Assuming that a switch out is fairly simple, you want to give the most consideration to the style of cabinet hardware you want. These days you can go in nearly any direction you want to and it’s easy to get carried away. While it may be fun to add Wild West or nautically inspired hardware to your kitchen because you enjoy these looks, the cabinets themselves may not support the hardware. Every kitchen has a set style, whether it’s country, Provincial, modern, transitional, rustic – and it’s important that the cabinet hardware you are choosing supports the style of the cabinets you have. Otherwise they will look out of place and your kitchen d├ęcor will look uneven.

If you’re ordering new cabinets but haven’t signed on the dotted line yet, you may want to talk to your home improvement store, contractor or cabinet maker about your options. This is especially true if you have fallen in love with specific hardware and want to build your kitchen around a particular theme, color, trim or material. Nothing’s worse than writing a check out for a major remodel, only to find that your hardware, cabinetry and even colors are a mismatch.

As any designer will tell you, try twice and order once. Even if new cabinets are on the horizon, try out any hardware in your home first before you make a final decision, even if you have to use the old cabinets. Hardware can look perfect online or in the hardware store but once you start using it daily, you may find that it’s not quite what you thought it would be. Sure, the starfish knobs and sailboat pulls looked great for your beach cottage, but do you really want to spend the next 20 years pulling on a starfish to make the morning coffee? Live with your choice for a while before you finally make a change throughout the kitchen.


5 Important Notes when Saving Coffee

Presenting a cup of delicious coffee, the key is not just the portions and the right way. Probably never by your influences when I save a cup of coffee aroma and flavor that you suguhkan.

Coffee storage process must be well understood so that the coffee is not easily damaged aroma, flavor, and texture. Here are some important factors in maintaining the freshness of the coffee, as reported by wikiHow:

Note the roasting process
Note the coffee roasting process. Coffee beans are aromatic due to its oil content. After baking, the content of this oil will come out to allow the coffee to absorb a lot of flavor and aroma in the vicinity. Because of that, if not properly packed, the coffee will not be lasting long.

Consider packing
Do not get packing coffee inflated. Incoming air will ruin the coffee. When you open the packaging of coffee and want to shut down again, first exhaust gas in it and pack it well.

Check the date
The freshness of the coffee longer reduced after roasting coffee beans. For this reason, note the date of purchase and keep a copy. Note on the package, if necessary.

Blend coffee as needed
In order to maintain the freshness of coffee, you’ll want to puree the beans as needed to consume. After smoothed, age slowly reduced coffee freshness. Puree enough for brewed coffee beans directly.

Keep away from sunlight
Heat, light, humidity, and air are the factors damaging the flavor and aroma of coffee. Therefore, keep the coffee in a clean container, dry and airtight, then store in a cool, dark place.

Do not occasionally keep coffee in the fridge, because the coffee easily absorb odors from food in the vicinity. Not advisable anyway to freeze coffee as it will spoil it.


Tiny Houses Model

rumah mungil

Home, everyone wants to have a home. as long as the saying goes, but has its own tiny. although it may have a small house but if we understand how to design a small house will definitely be looking at large. mini houses that attract the eye as well, with an attractive appearance is perfect for small families.

At this time there are also many small house models and are supported by small properties. small house also has a residential dream of many people, if you do not have enough money in buying a big house, little house is not less good as a mansion. we must be smart and creative in managing the small house to house mini looks wide and beautiful.

Beautiful is not always expensive, with an open plan space and the lack of wall space and the incorporation of functions tailored to the needs of residents. front terrace and garden can be used as living room, parking and children’s playroom. family room and dining room together. That’s a few examples of interior design small house.


RBA to sell interest in Securency

Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has sold its 50 per cent stake in money printing firm Securency for $65 million.

The RBA’s stake will be bought by Innovia Films, the UK film maker that already owns the other 50 per stake in Securency.

The central bank has been seeking to sell its stake in Securency since late 2010.

The RBA will receive about $65 million for the sale, above the $54 million its interest in Securency was valued at in the bank’s financial accounts for 2011/12.

Agents of Securency have been accused of offering bribes to overseas officials to gain business.

Internal investigations in 2007 found no wrongdoing, and it was not until 2009 that the RBA brought in the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

The RBA on Tuesday released the findings of an independent review of its oversight of its note printing subsidiaries.

The review found that more oversight could have been applied to the companies, but the RBA took appropriate action when it appeared the companies were not performing in line with the bank’s expectations.

The RBA’s wholly-owned note printing subsidiary Note Printing Australia will remain in the bank’s control.


Hollywood Celebrity Facial Offered Dirt Bird

The Hollywood stars want to be seen with their best performances in the Academy Awards 2013, to be held at the Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles (Californi, USA), on February 24, 2013 local time. Ahead of the event, they also offered beauty products, from nail polish containing black diamonds worth 250,000 U.S. dollars per small bottle to bird poop facial.

Fashion, the Academy Awards this year, as in previous years, about the same portion of the film. Red carpet events and pergelarannya both broadcast live and encompass approximately one billion viewers worldwide.

“This is the grand final of the awards show season, so the celebrities doing whatever they can to produce the best related to fashion and beauty,” said the expert stylist Sam Saboura appearance, which also hosted fashion on the TLC channel. “They are willing to do anything to improve their appearance and make an impression on the red carpet,” she said.


KVAR Power Saver Devices: Save Power And Money

KVAR Power Saver devices are certainly great for pinching those excess few dollars out of your monthly financial budget. But what about your safety? And why do you REALLY need one, besides to save money? What else?

By having the new Smart Meters coming out (constructed out of plastic in China & Mexico) and NOT UL listed, your home is at great danger. Analog meters (the old style one that used to have the dial that would turn) were designed to hold up against electrical surges and were created to last decades with a thick glass casing. On the other hand these plastic and untested ‘smart’ meters will allow surges to circulate into your homes and jeopardizing your safety. This puts your family, your home, and your high priced appliances like your Central Air & Heat System, Pool/Water Pumps, Refrigerators, & Freezers into harm’s way. Ask the utility company to compensate you for damages because of the new ‘Smart Meter’ and they are going to probably say, “That’s your wiring ma’am not our meter.”

Every homeowner needs to be aware of what is going on because CORPORATE PROFITS are taking priority over the protection of you and your familied member. The Smart Meter Hit List could possibly have your name on it next… There are some electrical companies that sell whole house surge protection package for this very reason.

Most homeowners usually are not even aware that they need it. But once the Smart Meters are in your home, you will begin to realize that you need to get rid of your refrigerator or your deep freezer more often than you used to.

There is a way to fight this problem. Your hands are NOT tied behind your back in a battle you can not win!

The KVAR Power Saver 1200 can possibly be installed directly to any of your expensive appliances/motors to not only protect you from electrical surges, but also through overbilling.

Yes, and it will literally cause you to waste less energy, energy that you are billed for every single month by the Power Company but do not literally use.

If you have a Central Air System, Heat Pump, Pool Pump, or other large motor, this electrical saving device can help you save money, protect you and your loved ones from power surges and yes it is safety tried out and approved by UL – unlike the ‘Smart Meter’.


How Bad Is It? Be Water Wise

In addition to the filthy air we breathe as a consequence of spewing billions of tons of toxins skyward annually, our streams, rivers, lakes, groundwater and oceans are in even worse shape. At least our atmosphere is partially cleaned with every major rainstorm. However, this results in polluted acid rain ending up in all of our water supplies. Most of the pollutants in our water are primarily made up of chemicals. They are either intentionally or unintentionally discharged into bodies of water, which results in the loss of approximately 15,000 lives today from ingesting polluted water.

Despite the fact that the quality of drinking water in the US generally is not healthy, at least most Americans can afford to treat their water or purchase bottled water. Most tap water in the United States has been disinfected, unlike China, where more than 525 million Chinese, and India where 700 million people are deprived of safe drinking water. Worldwide, countries generate close to 500 billion tons of industrial waste annually, much of which ends up in the water supply. In developing countries, water pollution has been linked yo high miscarriage rates and severe brain damage resulting in learning disabilities. Amoebic dysentery contracted from polluted water supplies has resulted in the loss of over 2 million children’s lives annually.

  • Over 46% of the lakes and rivers in America are so polluted they cannot be fished or used for swimming.
  • 40% of the continental United States drains into the Mississippi River; as a result 1.5 metric tons of nitrates end up in the Gulf of Mexico annually, sending out into an area of 7,800 square miles.
  • There are 1.3 trillion gallons of untreated sewage industrial waste and runoff from storm drains discharged into America’s waterways annually.
  • There are roughly 6 to 11 million deaths per year resulting from 260 million cases of waterborne diseases worldwide.
  • 3.5 million tons of toxic chemicals are released into the air annually, most all of which end up back on earth, much of it finding its way into our water supplies.
  • Every American produces close to 4,000 pounds of hazardous-waste annually.

Without a doubt, US industry produces the greatest quantity of pollutants, accounting for the large volume of total water pollution.

  • Close to 400,000 manufacturers are wasting startling volumes of fresh water for the purpose of flushing it into drains, depositing the pollutants into streams, rivers lakes and oceans. These pollutants are mercury, lead, nitrates, phosphates, a variety of acids, various oils, compound chemicals, and caustic chemicals.
  • In addition, many manufacturing facilities illegally discard corrosives and even poisons, along with other supremely toxic by-products.
  • The building industry pumps slurries of concrete cement and gypsum along with poisonous solvent into unlined pits or even landfills.